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The story behind our soaps

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Have you ever thought about what is actually in the soap we use on a daily basis? I know I sure didn’t until I made an effort to be aware. Eventually I ended up looking at the back of the bottle of body wash I was using and was surprised to see over 30 different ingredients. Half of which I had never heard of. I began searching the ingredients to find many of them had harmful side effects and were not actually necessary to be in the soap. I came to realize that the vast majority of soaps contain toxic ingredients which actually strip our skin of its nutrients rather than nourish it. So with that in mind I decided to make my own soap bars. A few hours of research later I discovered that making soap was actually incredibly easy!

Lavender Bar Soap

After learning the basics of soap making I set out to make my own soap bar recipe. A recipe that doesn't contain harmful or unnecessary ingredients. I decided to use 100% organic coconut oil and olive oil for the soap base. Luckily we get our organic coconut and olive oil from a small organic company through our local health food store (for a great deal on bulk virgin coconut oil-click here refined coconut oil- click here). Then pure essential oils instead of fragrances for the smell as well as another purpose of the soap bar (EX: Peppermint bar soap relaxed muscles). Since coconut oil is extremely nourishing to the skin I decided to make it the bulk of the soap base.

Rosemary Bar Soap

The next step was to test my new recipe. Failure. It was falling apart and crumbling everywhere. Mistakes happen though and after a little tweak to the recipe I ended up creating stable soap bars! Then it was onward to more soap crafting and recipe making. Our goal here was to create an affordable and natural bar soap and we believe we have achieved this. Our bars were made to be long lasting and used on the hands and body. Soon we will also be releasing our new shampoo bars. But first we need to hear your thoughts and opinions on our hand and body soaps. So please leave us some feedback! You may comment below or contact us here. if you'd like to give them a try we now sell our soaps on our website here and we also take custom orders here. You can also keep updated with us via facebook and Instagram!

In case you need a better deal on any of these oils!

Organic coconut oil-54 oz, 1 gallon

Organic refined coconut oil-1 gallon

Organic olive oil-16 oz, 32 oz, 1 Gallon

Eucalyptus-4 oz

Tea Tree-4 oz

Peppermint-4 oz

Orange-4 oz

Lemon-4 oz

Rosemary-4 oz

Lemongrass-4 oz

Frankincense-4 oz

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